Our Story

Get Better Not Bitter was born through the struggles of my own life. I found myself divorced, a single parent, starting my life over. I was 37 years old without a job and going through a painful divorce. I had given up my financial independence and my dreams for my family, a decision I did not regret, but found that I had handicapped myself through a series of decisions. I remember vividly a turning point where I was so angry, so unhappy, and realized that I did not ever want to feel this way again. It was this decision to figure out a new, better way of life that set into motion a happier, healthier lifestyle. To Get Better, Not Bitter & Thrive!

Our Vision

Our vision at Get Better Not Bitter is to help those who want to help themselves overcome the obstacles that life throws at us. We provide interpersonal life coaching, therapeutic, health and fitness related and meditative services that are designed specifically to the individual and what you may be facing. While life can be difficult it is a wonderful opportunity to become a better version of yourself. You can Get Better, Not Bitter & Thrive! Living an abundant life that is right for you!


Meet the Founder of GBNB

Carmen Caruso, founder of Get Better, Not Bitter, is a Mental Health Therapist, trained in EMDR, through personal and professional life experiences created GBNB to help those who want to help themselves find purpose in the adversity of life, giving way to refining self into the best version to date. Adversity is a refining tool, lets become better and find meaning in the struggle.

If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. ~~ Maya Angelou

Hello, my name is Carmen Caruso. I am the creator of Get Better Not Bitter. I created this site for many reasons, one of which is to express one of my gifts in this life which is to help my fellow man and woman. I have worn many hats in this life, however the hat I enjoy wearing the most is helping people find their purpose and passion in life, creating a life that the individual does not need a vacation from, to live fully. How can I help You?


Your dreams can become a reality if only you will believe. There often comes a time in life when we take a hard look at what we've done in life, whether or not our lives have meaning. We've suffered a loss, made mistakes or simply lack contentment. This is a  pivotal point, life is calling you too attention. The Universe wants you to be happy and fulfilled. If you are here on this site its not coincidence, it's time for a change. It's time for your dreams to become a reality.


Spark the fire inside of you! What is your passion? Let me help you in discovering what your passion in life is. Let me help you uncover your purpose(s)in life. Life is too short to be anything but happy. At our most vulnerable center, we must be true to ourselves. We must dive into the depths of self in order to discover who we really are. Why are you dipping your toe in the shallows? The ocean in front of you has nothing to truly fear for it is your ocean, full of endless possibilities.