Every week I will post a blog and/or video that will reflect relatable life issues.

As we all know, life has its way of molding us into who we were all meant to be, yet somehow have gotten off our course through trauma, life events, getting lost in the sea of overwhelm that can come with parenting, marriage, school, work/finances and anything else life has to throw at us. One of my goals with this blog and corresponding videos, is to assist you in accessing those lost parts of yourself. There is one thing about life that I have noticed, life will bring you the same lesson over and over until you learn that lesson. Life will do this through circumstance or through you listening and working forward in the change that is life. For those of us that do not like change (oh wait, that’s just about all of us!) this can be a daunting and fear inducing thought, however I have learned that change is life and life is change. Since the moment each one of us is conceived we are changing and will continue to do so until the day we die and even then I’m not sure change will stop. Part of working forward and my goal with this site/blog is that I will help you come to terms with this inevitable process of change, allowing you the freedom to become whom you’ve always been, perhaps blinded to it. I have been there and truth be told, I am still there in some ways, it is the human experience. The difference is that I am aware of it and welcome the coming lessons that in turn allow me to grow. I am the key to my growth as you are to yours. I am honored to be on my path that intersects with yours and allows me the opportunity to help you become your true self and find the purpose within the struggle. Cheers to you becoming the best version of yourself to date!