What is Your Everest?

My Everest…what is my Everest? As I reflect upon this question I feel twinges of anxiety & excitement at the thought of beginning a journey to which I might conquer this massive obstacle within my minds eye. For me my Everest symbolizes so much. It is the piece of baggage that I have yet to unpack. It excites me to think that once I truly begin this journey that I will overcome & become an even better version of myself. And at the same time I am filled with a vast amount of anxiety as the thought of beginning to unpack the bag that has sat in the corner the longest. The bag that I do not know how to begin to unpack. And that every attempt I’ve made thus far to begin said unpacking has proven futile. Perhaps I haven’t been properly prepared for it. Or too scared. Or it’s not the right time. Whatever the matter might be, I still must unpack this damned bag.

What bags scare you? What are you avoiding? A wise & beloved man once told me, when I posed the question, “How am I going to unpack all of this emotional baggage?!?”…”One bag at a time.” It was spoken in a calm, caring way. A way that I was able to receive & apply to every piece of emotional baggage I’ve unpacked to date.

I invite you to take it one bag at a time. Start small & work your way up to the bigger suitcases, trunks (yes, there will be trunks of stuff to work through) knowing that with each unpacked bag builds a strong, Better you. A You that becomes inspired. A You that, when tired of unpacking baggage, digs in & amazes yourself at just how tough, tender, & resilient you really are. A You that’s been there all along. The beauty of You, all broken & put back together. The most beautiful way to be You….so that brilliant light shines through for someone else to see that it’s possible to be broken, stacked to the heavens with baggage, & still able to become the most phenomenal version of self that they can be.

Baggage, broken = a beautiful You